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The Faculty Meeting

May 29, 2020

In this episode, Marty and Eric return to start a conversation on the personal and professional impact of the COVID pandemic on their lives as well as their institution, students, and colleagues.

Jan 15, 2019

Marty and Eric converse with guest, Elsa Soto-Leggett, Professor and Chair at Houston Baptist University about faculty mentoring new faculty.

Dec 20, 2018

Dr. Michele Kerulis (The Family Institute at Northwestern University) and Dr. Stacey Litam (visiting Assistant Professor at Cleveland State University) join Marty and Eric in a discussion about gender microaggressions. 

Dec 4, 2018

Ramona Grad (doctoral candidate at Georgia State University) and Peitao Zhu (doctoral student at Syracuse University), join Eric and Marty to speak about international student adjustment to U.S. higher education.

Nov 20, 2018

Dr. Philip Gnilka from Virginia Commonwealth University speaks with us about perfectionism, its context, and how we see it in student and faculty roles.